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Welcome to St Mirin’s Cathedral, the mother church of the Diocese of Paisley. Built in 1808, the original parish church was the first stone-built Roman Catholic church in post-Reformation Scotland. In 1948, the present building was raised to cathedral status, following the erection of the Diocese of Paisley in 1947.

Here, you can find out the times of Masses and services. The latest parish and diocesan news can be found on our Bulletin Notices page. You can find out more about our history and our serving clergy here.

Important Information

The most important information that you might need can be found below, including a list of Mass times and times when the Sacrament of Confession is available.

Livestream at St Mirin’s Cathedral

Our cathedral webcam streams 24/7. You are welcome to tune in at any time, especially if it helps you to take a moment to pray. To access the livestream from the cathedral, click here.

Covid-19 Protocols at St Mirin’s Cathedral

We continue to pray for those adversely affected by the pandemic including the bereaved and frontline workers. Please continue to sanitise your hands upon entry and exit. It is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face mask or covering in places of worship. You do not need to wear one inside the cathedral, although you may choose to do so. Please respect the space of fellow parishioners and remember that some might be anxious about this change of legislation.

Mass Times

Please note that changes to the regular weekly schedule will be included in the weekly bulletin.

The regular schedule of Masses at the cathedral is as follows:

Saturday (Vigil)4pm
2.30pm (Polish Mass)
Saturday8am (First Saturdays)

Confessions at St Mirin’s Cathedral

A priest will be available to hear confessions on Wednesdays from 5pm until 5.45pm, before the 6pm evening Mass; and after 10am Mass on Saturdays.

Please note that changes to the regular weekly schedule of Confessions will be included in the weekly bulletin.

Eucharistic Adoration

Tuesday10:30am until 12:55pm
Wednesday5pm until 5:55pm
Thursday10:30am until 12:55pm
Friday10:30am until 12:55pm
Saturday10.30am until all Confessions are heard

The rota of adorers is on the noticeboard at the side door. Please feel free to add your name to any 30-minute slot.

Please note that changes to the regular weekly schedule of Adoration will be included in the weekly bulletin.

Private Prayer

The cathedral is open for private prayer daily from approximately 8.30am Mass until 4pm. You are most welcome to drop in during these hours for your own private prayers and devotions.