The Rite of Christian Funerals offers a wide selection of scriptural readings for use at a funeral, which set before us the basis of our faith: the Resurrection of Christ and our hope of resurrection.

Normally, the relatives of the deceased choose the readings and the responsorial psalm to be used at the Funeral Mass. In choosing the readings, you might try to find a particular idea which best expresses the quality of Christian living of the deceased. If you would prefer, the priest who will celebrate the Funeral Mass can choose all of the readings.

The first reading should come from the Old Testament unless the Funeral will take place during the Easter season, in which case it should come from Acts of the Apostles or Revelation. If you would like a second reading, this should come from the New Testament. You may ask relatives or friends to read at the Funeral Mass. It is prudent to ask someone familiar with reading in church.

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If you so wish, you can ask the priest to arrange an organist and/or a cantor to assist at the Funeral Mass. You may choose hymns for the Mass, remembering that those hymns should be chosen that best express the faith of the Church and the faith of the deceased. If you so wish, you may borrow a hymn book from the cathedral, but we would appreciate your returning this as soon as possible.

Diocesan Guidelines for Families Planning Catholic Funerals

The Church offers you its most sincere condolences as you suffer the loss of someone you loved. Having suffered this loss, the Church would now like to help  you to honour their memory, to listen with you to words of comfort and consolation and to pray for the repose of your loved one’s soul. Having remembered, having acknowledged the pain of grief and loss and having prayed together, our hope is  that you might begin to feel more at peace in our faith that the person whom you loved is at rest in God.

Below is a link to the diocesan guidelines for families who are planning a Catholic funeral in the Diocese of Paisley. In this document, you will find answers to questions like:

  • What should I expect?
  • What are the various stages of a Catholic funeral?
  • Can a family member or friend speak during the funeral?
  • Is there a charge for a funeral?

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