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Spring 2021

Places of worship will reopen for communal worship from Friday 26th March, with a limited congregation of 50 (100 at weekends, when we will also stream Masses into the Hall). It will be necessary to use a booking system for Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses, as in the past. More information below.

We are awaiting confirmation of the state of play regarding funerals, Baptisms and weddings.

We will continue to broadcast daily Masses live at 10am and 1pm after our cathedral opens, for those who cannot attend Mass physically, but of course physical presence is vital for the celebration of the sacraments. Those who are unable to access a livestream should consider making use of the Dial-a-Mass initiative by calling 0141 473 4869.

Booking System

Because there is still a numerical cap on congregations, it is necessary to book for Vigil and Sunday Masses but not for weekday Masses.

85 places are available online; 15 are available over the phone. Booking opens on the preceding Monday morning at 9am. To book, visit

If you cannot book online, call 0141 887 0626. Booking over the phone is open from 9pm until 5pm, Monday to Friday. You will notice that you can choose to sit in the cathedral (until the boilers are replaced, it can still be cold!) or the hall.

In Holy Week, it will be necessary to book for Triduum Masses and Services.

Attending Mass in Tier 3

* This information is valid in Tier 3; for information about how to book in Tier 4, please see the next column.

Our capacity at Masses and Baptisms is 50; our capacity at Funerals and Weddings is 20.

You do not need to book for weekday Masses or Saturday morning Masses. Instead, you will be asked to sign in with your name and phone number when you arrive, to comply with Track and Trace requirements.

For Vigil and Sunday Masses, you will need to book (free) tickets. You can do so via the online booking system (click here) or by calling Brendan on 0141 887 0626 on the Monday prior to the Mass you wish to attend. Instructions will be given on the voicemail greeting; you will be asked to provide the names of all individuals attending, a telephone number, and the details of the Mass you wish to attend.


Please note the following:

  • You must book to attend Vigil and Sunday Masses; you do not need to book to attend weekday and Saturday morning Masses, but will be asked to provide your details on arrival;
  • The maximum capacity at each Mass is 50;
  • Congregational singing is not permitted;
  • You must wear a face mask or covering while you are in the cathedral;
  • You must sanitise your hands upon entry;
  • You must follow the one-way system that has been put in place; enter through the front door of the cathedral, and leave through the side door;
  • Toilet facilities are unavailable;
  • You must not come to the cathedral if you are showing Covid-19 symptoms.

Tier 4: Additional Restrictions

* The following information should be regarded when Renfrewshire is in Tier 4.

Our capacity at MassesFunerals, Baptisms and Weddings is 20.

Because of high demand, it is necessary to book for every Mass at the cathedral while we are in Tier 4, including weekday Masses. Entry to the cathedral will be refused to those who have not booked places.

Booking for Masses from 4th January opens at 8am on Monday 4th January.

The majority of places can be booked via the online system (click here). Some places for each Mass can be booked over the phone.

To book over the phone for a weekday Mass, please call Cathedral House (0141 889 2404); to book over the phone for a Vigil or Sunday Mass (8am-6pm, Monday to Friday), please call the Booking Number (0141 887 0626). Unsuccessful applicants for Vigil/Sunday Masses will be notified by phone. Bookings over the telephone will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those who are unable to attend Mass should consider making use of the Dial-a-Mass initiative by calling 0141 473 4869. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes. We ask you for your patience as we try to respond to the new restrictions.

Volunteering at Mass

Our parish community is indebted to the small team of stewards who have volunteered to help with Track and Trace and with sanitising the pews after each Mass. Quite simply, we would not be allowed to gather for Masses in the cathedral without their help.
It is our hope to stream Masses into our hall, thus increasing our capacity at Vigil and Sunday Masses. This will only be possible with a larger team of volunteers. Anyone without a serious underlying health condition is eligible to volunteer. Please consider it.
If you would like to volunteer to help at a Mass, please speak to Msgr Joe, Fr Ryan or Fr Laurent as soon as possible, or email [email protected]

Funerals, Baptisms and Weddings

Please note that Scottish Government restrictions dictate that in Tier 3, only 20 people can attend Funerals and Weddings, and 50 can attend Baptisms.

In Tier 4, only 20 people can attend Funerals and Baptisms, and 15 can attend Weddings.

As such, these liturgies will not be open to the public; only (invited) close family and friends can attend.

Unless expressly requested by the family of the deceased or the bride and groom, Funerals and Weddings will be livestreamed on our webcam (click here).

We will endeavour to bring forthcoming funerals and weddings to your attention via the Bulletin page.

Bishop Keenan prepares to livestream at an empty St Mirin’s Cathedral (Good Friday 2020)