Standing Order Appeal

Fr Joe and Fr Ryan make an appeal to parishioners to set up Standing Orders.

10th April 2021

The last twelve months have been particularly challenging throughout the world as the pandemic caused significant disruption to all our lives. During this past year of lockdowns and ongoing restrictions on our Sunday Masses, our weekly income from parish collections naturally fell dramatically. In fact, the cathedral was the hardest hit parish in the diocese, financially speaking.

Many people around the diocese wanted immediately to help and asked about online giving to defray the running costs of your parish. In several parishes, many set up new regular donations via Standing Orders as an easy alternative to cash donations. Those parishes where parishioners switched to Standing Orders were not hit as badly, financially speaking.

Fr Joe and Fr Ryan are only too aware that these times have brought the same financial uncertainties to your own doors and homes as they have to the cathedral parish.  Some of you will not be able to make your contributions in the same way as before. Please do not worry about that and be sure of our fervent prayers for you to enjoy more secure times soon.

We still hope, however, that those who can contribute will welcome the various ways in which you can continue to support your parish. Given that the future is still so uncertain, we encourage you to make regular donations by Standing Order with the form you will receive at Mass this weekend. Just post or deliver it to Cathedral House, once you have completed it.

Please remember that if you pay tax, you can Gift Aid your contributions. This adds 25% extra to your donation at no extra cost to you. Please download a Gift Aid Declaration form from the cathedral website (or ask Fr Joe or Fr Ryan for one) and return it to Cathedral House, once you have completed it.

Together with Bishop Keenan, Fr Joe and Fr Ryan want to thank you again for all your support in so many ways during these unprecedented times in which you have shown just what your faith, your parish, and your diocese mean to you.