Virtual White Flower Appeal

This month, SPUC Scotland is launching a new initiative to commemorate the gift of life and to particularly call to mind the many lives that have been lost in our country due to abortion.

The usual White Flower Appeals in parishes have been unable to take place for the last year. This is an important means to raise vital funds allowing SPUC Scotland to defend the right to life, but it is also an opportunity for the organisation to inform parishioners of the current issues around abortion.

New Government policies, facilitating “DIY” abortion, have made access to abortion easier than ever and have created a slippery path which many women have gone down, often with very little time to think or weigh up the gravity of their actions.

Each abortion extinguishes a tiny human life, filled with potential and each of these is a tragedy in its own right. Sadly, these lost lives are overlooked and forgotten by a society that has become numb to the scale and malice of abortion.

SPUC Scotland wants to remember each of these babies and pray that they are not forgotten but rather that their loss can compel people to save future victims of abortion.

SPUC knows that the tiny baby is the primary victim of abortion, but it also understands that there are so many others affected by it. The medics and politicians who put the framework in place to destroy life are themselves damaged in conscience by what they do and SPUC also knows that women who are put under pressure to have an abortion, can often suffer mentally and/or physically for many years after the event.

SPUC Scotland aims is to create a display of 14,000 flower images, one for every child lost to abortion in Scotland in one year. Bishop Toal will bless the physical display on Saturday, 22 May 2021 at Carfin Grotto when a ‘carpet of flowers for the unborn’ will be created.

If you can, please sponsor a virtual flower and these can be purchased  online at

John Deighan, the CEO of SPUC Scotland and a parishioner at the cathedral, would be most grateful if you are able to support this initiative by purchasing a virtual flower and by praying for its success.